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The Life of Chihiro

Little Miss Thang

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This is the LJ of poptartodoom's cat, Chihiro. Chihiro is a one-year-old orange tabby with beautiful orange eyes and a huge diva 'tude. Chihiro liked to say "hi!" to people online when I was trying to type, so to pacify her, I made her her own LJ. Chihiro does her own typing.
being brushed, being in charge, cat grass, catnip, catnip bubbles, catnip hedgehog, catnip mice, catnip scratching post, catnip toys, chasing, chewing on electric plugs, chewing on furniture, climbing on things, eating bugs, feathers, feline pine kitty litter, hairballs, headbutting, headbutts of love, hiding, hiding under the bed, iams, interesting bugs, kitty treats, licking, lunchmeat, mice, napping, not getting baths, pettings, purring, remote control mice, scratching, scratching post, self-cleaning slicker brushes, shedding, sleeping, slicker brushes, smartykat brand, snacks, snoozing, snoring, tuna